Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Something Good in January

The cold winter days of January in the Northeast are never a favorite. New Year's resolutions are usually made and quickly broken. This January I took a challenge to create art daily for thirty days. I surprised myself. Creating. Discovering. Art every day. This was good.
Watercolor requires more planning. Where will the light areas and highlights be? Water is a creative partner. The colors bloom and flow under the brush. Drying paint becomes strategy. Patience a practice.
A blue scarf unworn serves as still life backdrop. Slathering brush loads of juicy oil paint on canvas. Enjoying the freedom of color layering.
Discovering the miracle of masking fluid. 
Forgetting to buy fruit and discovering the love of painting shell portraits.  I need to keep doing this.


  1. Wow, Gail! I recall you mentioning this challenge in a previous post, and I'm so glad you took it! What lovely exercises you produced. And, yes, masking fluid is a miraculous little fluid; I was introduced to it many years ago when taking an art class at Suffolk Community College. Winter can be quite delightful.

  2. You are such a great artsist in any medium..love seeing your supplies too:)
    I agree w/ Linda..winter can be quite delightful..even in QC.time to be quiet..create..learn..

  3. Just wonderful, Gail! How absorbing this must be. And they are beautiful!


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