Saturday, March 4, 2017

Exploring Montauk

We've had beautiful mild weather days.
Perfect weather for a field trip to Montauk.
We parked in the last space at the old East Deck lot at Ditch Plains. The East Deck is gone, the plan to build a bigger hotel scrapped. The empty dune where it once was, for now, pristine. It won't be long till someone takes advantage of this spot. Perfect beach days are year round here.
Back on Montauk Highway, we drove north to Lake Montauk. 
Lake Montauk is harbor to a large commercial and sport fishing fleet. 
Coast Guard Station on Star Island.
There wasn't always a harbor here. In the 1920s developers blasted through the narrow northern strip of land bordering the lake, opening a permanent channel to Block Island Sound. The lake was dredged and the Montauk Yacht Club was established on Star Island. Star Island is also the home of the U.S. Coast Guard Station and numerous boat moorings.
We were looking for plein air painting inspiration.
There is plenty.
Beautiful rugged ships.
I imagined myself in one of the ships sailing out past the lighthouse.
The lighthouse stands at the furthest end of Montauk and Long Island.
Hugh on the beach at "The End"


  1. So nice to see him on the time easel and paints..Montauk looks like a vacation to me of course..

    and having watched the seasons of The Affair..I am looking for familiar scenes:)


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