Sunday, March 12, 2017

Latest Obsessions

I am obsessed with my latest still life, a 16" x 20" painting of a pail of shells laying on a rainbow striped towel. I am enjoying the challenge of a larger work after the fun 6" x 6" shell portraits. This painting includes my lovely sea shells on a multi colored background. I am not close to being done yet, but I'm loving it so far and wanted to share.
I began reading Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series last month. The first book was originally published in 1990.The good part about waiting until now to read it? You don't have to wait until the next book comes out. I binge read all eight e-books. Yup, novels that took Gabaldon years to write, consumed in a month. Definite guilty pleasure reading! History, romance, science fiction, suspense. As I was approaching the end of the eighth book I was looking forward to seeing how it all would end. Bad news/Good news : there is another book in the works! There is also a series on Starz. Dare I watch? 
Claire and Jamie
Outlander series on Starz
Another page turner, Breaking Van Gogh by James Ottar Grundvig describes his research into the provenance and authenticity of one of the Metropolitan Museum's prized Van Gogh paintings. I am intrigued by the lack of press amongst the art community regarding this book. Gerundig makes some serious allegations. The book reads like a detective novel. It will be interesting to see what happens next.
I am in the midst of reading The Forger's Spell by Edward Dolnick about a artist/forger that created and made a bundle selling a "lost trove" of Vermeer paintings. Among his swindled customers, Hermann Goering. His fraud was only uncovered after the war when the Allies began investigating the Nazi's art looting. 
My latest painting, Outlander and books on art fraud. We have snow covered daffodils outside. What are your latest obsessions?


  1. I am so impressed with your latest canvas..the complexity of all those colors!
    I love 6 x 6 ..I have a Fluid watercolor book 6x6..and it is my fave w/ St Armand's 6 x 6..St Armands is more sponge like..I know..but I still like brave of you!

    I will look into the DG I mentioned I started one..;)
    Have a good week!

  2. I am so thrilled to discover yet another blogger who loves painting and books. Your canvas is just terrific. And it so captures the joy of the beach!

    I must read the Forger's Spell. Vermeer is a favorite of mine.


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