Monday, March 6, 2017

Wooley Pond

One lone fishing boat. Temperature cool, angle of light hinting at spring. Feathery puffs of white float on still water. 
I stood at the water's edge.
I am either a swan magnate or they are used to being fed.
I need to paint here again.
Wooley Pond by Gail Gallagher


  1. Oh love your painting I wish I had swans beautiful..they always remind me of The Notebook..
    Freezing rain here and still loads of snow..the country you know..

  2. Snow is expected tonight here too. These two we're so friendly- I felt bad that I didn't have anything for them.

  3. Oh Gail, I think you have a new follower in me! Your painting is exquisite. I will enjoy following along to see more!


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