Monday, April 17, 2017

Adventures in a Seashell Dress

This past weekend we had a chance to visit Guild Hall and take a leisurely look around this year's  Members Exhibition. I am always amazed by the diverse selection of styles and mediums. It is always inspiring to see what everyone has been working on. For the visit, I wore a dress imprinted with a pattern of my own design; a collage of the seashell portraits that I had painted in January. I received a compliment on the dress while in the Guild Hall gift shop. ME: "Thank you, the design is actually of my paintings." GUILD: "You're one of our artists?" ME: "Yes...." GH: "That would look great on a scarf." ME: "I have one! It is on order... " STAY TUNED
I created the dress on Redbubble, a site that I discovered through Instagram. An artist from Sweden posted a photo of items that she had created for her store using their site. WHAT?!?!? My investigations began.... I have never thought of myself as a textile designer, but when I loaded the image of my shell paintings onto the A-line dress template and saw the result on the lovely model above, I was hooked. Amazingly, you can add your image to the site and order ONE. Not thousands, not hundreds, just one. So I did.
Product modeling at Lake Agawam on Gin Lane
I have since learned that there are a number of sites that artists can use to imprint their work. I like the few items that I have purchased so far, but am still doing my homework. You can check out offerings so far HERE. I am excited to offer some of my favorite photographs published on this blog over the years. I have been wanting to make notecards available for years, all of the other products are a bonus and amaze me.
I chose items that I think would work the best with the images.
Let me know what you think. 
More to come!


  1. The dress is ADORABLE on you:)

    And all the items I clicked on so cute!
    I love thse venues..have not tried this one..but 2 others for similar things..never knew of this one and thank you..
    LOVE the dress!

  2. Wow! Very cute dress and I love the pillow and totebag. The shells are just perfect for this, aren't they? Thanks for including the links -- I'm going to check it out.

    Hope you had a wonderful show! And thanks for your visit to Marmelade Gypsy last week. I'm very behind!

  3. Love the dress! And your hair is so long! You look stunning! Your blog makes me want to visit Long Island. So many wonderful places.


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