Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wishing Whale Tail

Early Earth Day morning, Southampton Arts Center is deserted. In the midst of lawn, a whale's fluke lobtailing from a sea of grass.
The sculpture impels you to come closer. 
What composes its shiny skin?
The Wishing Whale Tail by Cindy Pease Roe is part of her UpSculpt project. Pease Roe is creating environmentally conscious art by repurposing beach debris. Her sculpture both appealing and revolting.
Appealing in its repurposed form and color. 
Revolting in the harm to sea life these materials can cause.
Mylar balloon strips are woven through lobster cage remnants.
The underside of the whale's fluke reveals a succession of bottles. As part of the project each bottle contains a scrap of paper. A scrap inscribed with a wish.
"Each message is like a prayer. It does not need to be heavy. I could be, 'I like those great jeans, I really wish I could afford them, ' or you could pray for a birthday cake if you want, " Ms. Roe said. "For me, I pray for the ocean, I pray for the ocean, I pray for clean air and water for everybody. It's a wishing whale, and I hope all of these wishes come true.'" - Cindy Pease Roe via SH Express
"Wishing Whale" Hopes to Awake Onlookers to Environmental Peril - SH Express


  1. Oh, thats so beautiful!'When I first saw it, I thought it was a wonky palm tree but with the different angle, of course! A Whale tail! Beautiful thought as well.


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