Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Cinema Summer

I was recalling my last walk down Main Street before the Cinema fire. I had been admiring the neon sign, as always. Thinking of taking a photo, I reach into my bag for the phone. I stop. How many times will I photograph the same thing? Just look. Observe. Admire. The landmark sign gave me a sense of belonging. My town. My Cinema. My community where I walk to shopping, dinner, church or the movie theater. It is still that community, but we miss our sign, our beacon of home. 
Express-News and Corrector, Thursday May 28, 1936
Annette Hinkle's new book, Sag Harbor, 100 Years of Film in the Village tells the story of Sag Harbor's theater and cinema community. Our Sag Harbor Cinema had its Gala open Wednesday, June 3, 1936 at 8:30 pm. Isn't it funny? I don't think of people in 1936 going to a theater Gala at 8:30 at night on a Wednesday night. I think of them going to bed when the sun goes down because they are up at dawn baking bread or something like that. No, they were out for the evening viewing Shirley Temple as an adorable orphan (of course!) being rescued by a bachelor lighthouse keeper who fights to keep custody of the little angel. They tap dance their way to a happy ending. Hinkle interviews local residents for anecdotes, ransacks photo collections and includes theatrical asides. The book is a gem. I can't wait for Book Two.
Author, Annette Hinkle
Book Signing at Sylvester and Co.
Since the spring we've been in fund raising mode. We have a plan for a new Cinema Arts Center, keeping the classic design and restoring and recreating a better interior. We only need to raise the funds to complete the purchase of the property from the Cinema's owner of 38 years by year's end.
The site is ready. 
Shops are reopening on Main Street.
Matta was the first to reopen followed by Sagtown coffee. Matta hosted a show by artist, Erica Lynn-Huberty of works repurposing salvaged smoke and water "seasoned" fabric from Matta.  Huberty has one of these works in the upcoming Paddle8 Art Auction for the Cinema. It is currently on display at Estia's with 37 other works that have been donated to raise funds for the Cinema.
Since its celebrity appearance at the Big Tent Party, the SIGN has made a few cameo appearances. In the instance below, at a private screening benefit at a private residence. 
photo by April Gornik
During this fundraising process so many people have volunteered their time and given their treasure. This week the Cinema's eBay for Charity auction went live. I am amazed at the VIPs who have donated the gift of their time to raise funds for the Cinema.
Concert tickets with meet and greet with Billy Joel
A tour of the Today Show studios with Matt Lauer 
An hour hitting tennis balls with John McEnroe
Lunch with Morgan Spurlock
Tea for 6 with Julie Andrews
Tickets to Conan in L.A.
A walk-on role in Martin Scorcese's next film
Menu planning with Katie Lee
Lunch and Tour with eBay CEO Devin Wenig 

If this is not enough fabulousness there is a South African Safari and stay in Provence and much MORE to bid on. Do check out the list. So many of the experiences are really priceless. I have my items picked out if I win Powerball tonight ;)
The summer's end will culminate in a Block Party on Sunday, September 10th at Estia's Little Kitchen and live auction of art currently previewing on Paddle8. I'm hoping The Sign will attend.
Block Party Information HERE
All of the drum beating, begging and cajoling for money will end as soon as $8 million is raised or 12/31/17 occurs. Then... I hope.... if the efforts succeeds, we can get the rebuilding started and our Sag Harbor Cinema sign back where it belongs.


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

August Half Gone

Do they still have "Show and Tell" in grade school? I loved that part of class. I think it was the surprise of seeing my classmates bring in the unexpected. The story of the frog in the pool:  I found him swimming, ran to the garage to get the hand skimmer, in the mean time, he had hopped out and was sitting on the pool's edge. No help needed. At any rate, let me SHOW a few recent photos. The TELL part will be brief!
The Moran Studio in East Hampton is being restored. The inside isn't complete yet, but the Garden Club of East Hampton has recreated artist Mary Nimmo Moran's front border garden. I can't wait to see this beautiful property restored to its glory. 
Munn Point
Hugh is working on a large painting of Munn Point. In order to fix the view in his mind, we made a few visits there to check things out. It was an added bonus to see a family with clam rakes and fishing pole going out to get dinner.

Dunes near Meadow Lane
A perfect day at the beach.
Gin Lane beach and the Rainbow Beach bag.
Wooley Pond and painting en plein air
I picked a spot by the beach entrance. Hugh was wisely up on the beach where there was a breeze.
Little Peconic Bay
I love how Hugh lines up his paint colors in tidy rows.
The Sag Harbor Fire Department hosts a summer fundraising carnival. We had never been. After dinner at Dockside on Bay Street, I begged to go. Oh please, just to ride the Ferris Wheel! 
Video snippet on Instagram here
A magical spot for a carnival.
Havens Beach
I tested my latest design creation: the Peconic Clutch. Perfect.
August has been amazing. We are so lucky.