Wednesday, August 16, 2017

August Half Gone

Do they still have "Show and Tell" in grade school? I loved that part of class. I think it was the surprise of seeing my classmates bring in the unexpected. The story of the frog in the pool:  I found him swimming, ran to the garage to get the hand skimmer, in the mean time, he had hopped out and was sitting on the pool's edge. No help needed. At any rate, let me SHOW a few recent photos. The TELL part will be brief!
The Moran Studio in East Hampton is being restored. The inside isn't complete yet, but the Garden Club of East Hampton has recreated artist Mary Nimmo Moran's front border garden. I can't wait to see this beautiful property restored to its glory. 
Munn Point
Hugh is working on a large painting of Munn Point. In order to fix the view in his mind, we made a few visits there to check things out. It was an added bonus to see a family with clam rakes and fishing pole going out to get dinner.

Dunes near Meadow Lane
A perfect day at the beach.
Gin Lane beach and the Rainbow Beach bag.
Wooley Pond and painting en plein air
I picked a spot by the beach entrance. Hugh was wisely up on the beach where there was a breeze.
Little Peconic Bay
I love how Hugh lines up his paint colors in tidy rows.
The Sag Harbor Fire Department hosts a summer fundraising carnival. We had never been. After dinner at Dockside on Bay Street, I begged to go. Oh please, just to ride the Ferris Wheel! 
Video snippet on Instagram here
A magical spot for a carnival.
Havens Beach
I tested my latest design creation: the Peconic Clutch. Perfect.
August has been amazing. We are so lucky.

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  1. I love this post!So many of my favorite things❤️The beaches,vistas,art set ups and supplies..carnival pics..your accessories,the art work and you!


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