Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Annie Cooper Boyd Still Inspires

ACROSS TIME: Contemporary Reflections on the Life and Art of Annie Cooper Boyd and the Sag Harbor Experience is on currently on view at the Sag Harbor Historical Society.
Sag Harbor resident, Annie Cooper Boyd (1864-1944) was an artist, diarist and entrepreneur. I've written about Annie before. To those who seek her, Annie Cooper Boyd inspires endless inspiration.  
Annie Cooper Boyd watercolor
Annie Cooper Boyd collection photo and art by Carolyn Hallock

"Across Time" represents a collaboration between the Pierson High School Visual Arts Program, the John Jermain Memorial Library and the Historical Society. Annie Cooper Boyd source material is on display along with student art inspired by Annie's story and commonality of experience. Students were able to examine Annie's diaries, photographs and paintings. During their research they would have discovered Annie's painting of the North Haven Bridge, now the LCpl. Jordan C. Haerter Veteran's Memorial Bridge.
North Haven Bridge by Annie Cooper Boyd
Annie would have ridden her horse over this bridge to Long Beach. The bridge is more substantial today, but the view towards North Haven and the harbor feels much the same as it did in Annie's day. Below, artist, Leigh Hatfield, imagines Annie and her horse at Long Beach. 
Annie often rode out to area beaches on her horse, "Jenny"
by Leigh Hatfield
Upstairs bedroom with dormer wall painted by Annie
Nearly two dozen Pierson student artists contributed to "Across Time", I've only included a small sample of their wonderful work here. The exhibit is up until October 15th.  Make sure to visit the second floor bedroom while you're there.
Long Beach by Annie Cooper Boyd
Annie isn't the only one who loves to visit Long Beach. It inspires Hugh and I as well. I love picturing my feet walking where her feet have trod.
Beach Walk by Hugh Gallagher
Sailing School off Short Beach by Gail Gallagher