Saturday, September 30, 2017

Under the Montauk Moon

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Sag Harbor American Music Festival. It was a beautiful weekend to walk around town and sample the musical bounty of the East End. The festival stages performers throughout the town. Artists perform at venues from the unusual to the sublime, the dock of Schiavoni's Grocery to the Bay Street Theater. Musicians are everywhere. I had never visited the Breakwater Yacht club, so a stop at the stage there was my chance to have a look. A band was rocking' on the balcony. People were dancing along the waterfront. The band, Joe Delia and the Thieves were definite crowd pleasers. 
My video here
Joe Delia and Thieves at the Breakwater Yacht Club
photograph by Lori Hawkins 
In the traditions of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, Delia's "Under the Montauk Moon" is the ultimate local anthem. Totally love this song.
Under the Montauk Moon
Joe Delia and Thieves
Under the Montauk Moon 
(Aimless and Immortal by the Sea)

A chilly wind comes roarin'
Down a mid-October night
They boarded up the sidewalks
And turned out all the lights
So I Drove right past old Shagwong
Last call at Liars Saloon
Three guys outside lookin' for a fight
Tonight, Under the Montauk Moon
Surfers down at East Deck
Still waiting for a swell
Harleys revvin' East on 27
Like they're headed straight to hell
And the locals hate all the citiots
Who come out in droves by June
The hand that feeds them really feels the bite
Tonight, Under the Montauk Moon
Baby, you're all that I need
Our Love is holding the key
Baby You're all that I want
Aimless and Immortal by the Sea
The Winter's gonna be a cold one
They say the worst is yet to come
People stockin up their pantries, and loadin' up their guns
But Darkness will break and the sun will shine
and not a minute soon
Brother Daniel will be drumming with all this might
Tonight, Under the Montauk Moon 
Baby, you're all that I need
Our Love is holding the key
Baby,You're all that I want
Aimless and Immortal by the Sea
Hawaiian Ed sits on a bench looking vacant
He plays his ukulele well
then some wealthy socialite comes by
but it's very hard to tell
If she's really from old money
or if her pedigree
Is just a game she plays for kicks
To get her drinks and dinner free
Main street's cold and empty now
Not a soul around
Just the ghost of Andy Warhol
Acting like he owns the town
And there ain't no twenty-somethings listenin' to
no Memory Motel tune
not a living soul in sight
Tonight, Under the Montauk Moon
Under the Montauk Moon
Under the Montauk Moon 
Aimless and Immortal by the Sea

Joe Delia © 2010
Dedicated to the people of Montauk.
Inspired by Winters in Montauk and a line written by PJ--
“Aimless and Immortal by the Sea”
Smoke and Mirrors
Moonlit surf by James Katsipis
A selection of local artists including Joe Delia's "Over the Montauk Moon"

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