Sunday, February 11, 2018

Maud Lewis

This year's Oscar nominee buzz includes Sally Hawkins' nomination for Best Actress in the film, The Shape of Water. I have yet to see that film, but loved her in an under known film; Maudie, which describes the life of Canadian folk artist Maud Lewis. Hawkins subtly plays Maud Lewis, a woman afflicted by juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and orphaned. She was discriminated against because of her handicap and life decisions yet was buoyed up and eventually made famous through her art. 
Sally Hawkins portrays Maud with quiet strength and determination.
Maud Lewis (1903-1970) in her home studio
Maud Lewis, 1965
Photo by Bob Brooks image via
Spring Sleigh Ride by Maud Lewis
Oil on Panel, 11.5 x 14" Circa 1960
1965 Video from CBC archives via
This film captivated me. Ethan Hawk played Maud's husband Everett with great sensitivity. Then there was THE HOUSE. Maud turned it into a work of art.
Maud and Everett Lewis
photo via
Maud and Everett Lewis's cottage is now in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. I can't believe how tiny it is! 
photo via
Maud's story is an inspiring one, especially good for these long winter days. I can't complain after seeing Maud in her tiny home studio. She just kept painting. 

Maud Lewis: A World Without Shadows film by NFB (National Film Board of Canada) via
Maude Film Website
Maud Lewis - Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
Maud Lewis Bio


  1. I tried three times to see this in the theatre and they kept changing the times! Now I can watch DVD/on demand. Thanks for posting the video, too. An amazing and inspiring woman.

  2. I Loved that bits.She is amazing and I found Ethan Hawke was great too.♥


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