Sunday, February 25, 2018

Tips for Living

The main character of Renée Shafransky's new book is a columnist for a newspaper in the imaginary seaside town of Pequod. The book begins by quoting from "Tips for Living," a column written by the main character. The "Tips" columns satirically address issues that arise in seasonal resort communities. The first column describes, quite plausibly, a proposal to live in a container while renting out your real home as an Air BnB. This introduces us to the wry voice of our heroine, Nora Glasser. Nora is not only witty and smart, but a survivor of a brutal romantic betrayal. A betrayal that places Nora as prime suspect in a murder investigation.
Renée Shafransky read from her novel at Harbor Books.
"Tips for Living" is a multi-layered novel. There are layers of "Tips" as well as layers of mystery. There is betrayal and redemption. I finished the book hoping for another. No spoilers for you, I recommend that you look for it in your local bookstore or download a book right now: here
This weekend, Sag Harbor seemed, in the very best way, much like the town described in Renée's book.
From the Pequod Courier
Tips for Living
by Nora Glasser
Aunt Lada's Advice
Do the best you can. Give it your all.
As the Russians like to say: "The first pancake is always a blob".
And, furthermore, "She who takes no risks, never gets to drink champagne."


  1. This sounds very good. And I love a book where you can really put yourself into the physical appearance of the town and sort of "see it." Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. I am with being able to situate myself in the area..lieu..:)


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