Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Toy Story

In January, I sought a new painting project. Miserable weather kept me indoors. A splash of red caught my eye. 
Toy Boat
Oil on Canvas Board 8 x 8in
A red toy sailboat, a gift from years ago, overlooked now, enjoyed by summer visitors. I admired it sitting on a stack of books next to the sofa. Thinking, "I'll just paint this" I picked it up by the sail and wandered to the studio. Painting it was more difficult than I imagined. I tried to keep my paint strokes loose. After the paint had dried, it occurred to me that it would be fun to paint a series of Toy Portraits.
There were no other toys in the house. Not counting art supplies, of course. Time for visit to the Wharf Shop in Sag Harbor.
The Wharf Shop
This year, the Wharf Shop celebrates its 50th year as an independently owned and operated toy store.  Sag Harbor is fortunate to have Founding owner Nada Barry and her daughter, Co-owner Gwen Waddington as part of the community. The store lives and breathes toys and Sag harbor. A trip to the village is not complete without a stop there. If only these floorboards could  talk. 
A plush orange cat reminded me of my niece.
Allie's Cat
Oil on Canvas Board, 8 x 8in
My seven year old niece is a cat fancier. She is also a budding artist. While thinking of her, in the midst of painting a plush toy cat portrait, I received a text from my sister. "The Jessicas have had their faces chewed off." Jessica is the name of a toy; an orange plush tabby cat, my niece's favorite. The family dog, still a puppy really, couldn't tell the  difference between a dog toy and my niece's toys. In fact, to a dog, the plush cat probably seemed a perfect toy! A previous canine encounter left the original Jessica faceless. Cookie Gramma did surgery and made the gift of Jessica II. Now both Jessicas had become chew toys. My painting complete, I posted my still life model to my niece. My former model was christened, Cleo.
with Cleo
Mauled Jessicas
Jessica, pre-mauling, as still life model.
My Niece's Drawing
Isn't this still life amazing? Well observed! Of course I'm biased. I returned to the Wharf Shop and picked up Jessica III. Cookie Gramma can't be the only spoiler.
Pool and bath toys available at the Wharf Shop.
"You're The One"
Oil on Canvas Board 8 x 8in
I was singing the Sesame Street song while I was painting this one. Fun!
Oil on Canvas Board 8 x 8in
The Wharf Shop also has a great selection of local books.
Jessica III

69A Main Street
Sag Harbor, NY 11963


  1. Your paintings are just charming. I love this style, the simplicity of the subject and the background. You capture the details and the charm perfectly. These really do make me smile.

  2. Love your paintings..Peter is my fave..your niece follows i your footseps..:) What a beautiful treasure of a shop:)

  3. A fabulous, classic toy store, though I haven't poked around in there in years :( Love your paintings!!!!!!


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