Saturday, March 17, 2018

Dawn Doodles

The morning doodle has become a meditation. Each day, before work begins I ride. During that ride, I doodle. A free flowing pen for 13 minutes. Nothing planned. Of all of the things that I'd resolved to do in the New Year, doing art daily, is the only resolution that I've kept; thanks to the morning doodle. 
Whale Dreams 
Marker on watercolor, paper 6 x 6in
Gull at Dawn
I was showing the morning doodles to a friend who once had a career in textiles and design. She encouraged me to explore using the doodles in textile design. This was on the heels of Mom and my Aunt Sandy encouraging me to create fabric on Spoonflower, a popular source for specialty fabrics that quilters use. It may be time for me to graduate from laptop and iPhoto edit to large screen and photo shop. In the mean time. I tried one doodle which I named, Exuberance, on Redbubble.
The doodles tend to flow in the following genre:
Flora and Fauna
A sunny morning BEFORE daylight savings time.
Darkness and snow.
Waiting for spring. In the meantime, I doodle.


  1. Yes, keep those doodles going; you're on to something. Hmm.....splurging on a "big screen" and Photoshop? Well, after all, it is a business investment. :D

    1. Yes.. all I need is more time to learn all of these things :)

  2. I love the doodles -- what a good idea. And I see how they work well for the fabrics. The gull photo is beautiful and I love how you include your morning ride into your art.

  3. What a beautiful trip every morning..and look your doodles reflect it all:)Bon Dimanche Gail! And you suit all those cute dresses and leggings.I think a shop where you live should carry Doodles.Wearable Hampton Art~ GG.


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