Monday, June 11, 2018

Images of America: Sag Harbor

Sag Harbor finally has its own "Images of America" book. I love the "Images" books and have one of every town and subject related to the Hamptons. Why? Because they are filled with historic photos of the area. Most that I've never seen before. Many that inspire me ask questions and read more history. The much admired Hannibal French House on Main Street's Captain's Row is photographed when its historic White Mulberry tree was feet shorter. 
The Hannibal French House is a private home, but you can go here for a peek inside.
by Tucker Burns Roth
The book is available at the Sag Harbor Historical Society
Annie Cooper Boyd House.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Fare Well, Fair Whale

Fair Well, Fair Whale 
Photograph by Joe Pintauro
Joe Pintauro, photographer, playwright, poet, author.... longtime Sag Harbor resident, passed away last week. His photograph Fair Well, Fair Whale hangs poignantly in the current 'Whale of a Show' at the Sag Harbor Whaling and Historical Museum. I think we are all in shock that this amazing man is no longer among us. Going to the museum, pausing in the quiet, viewing his work... grieving, he will be missed. The show is up until June 17th, stop by, honor and remember this very special man. 
Joe Pintauro by Jonathan Morse

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Waiting for Our Sign

It looks like its going to be another Cinema Summer.
Last year, the community rallied together and raised the funds to purchase the remains of the burned Sag Harbor Cinema from its long time owner. It was such a relief when we reached the seller's deadline and the acquisition was complete. It was a true holiday miracle! Now, we are in the second phase of fundraising to restore and rebuild; to bring the Cinema back to life in its NEW INCARNATION. It is still difficult to pass the Cinema site on Main Street. The neighboring property that was also burned is now on its way to being rebuilt. The Cinema's Main Street frontage is still an empty lot. I am impatient to see our sign back on Main Street. I am waiting for OUR SIGN!
From Main Street you can't see the part of the Cinema that survived the fire. I forget about the surviving Cinema auditorium, a big box, covered in flaking white paint, standing at the back of the lot. One cold, damp April Sunday, I had the opportunity to go into the Cinema auditorium and check it out. It is all still there! A little moldering and smoke tinged, but a complete time capsule. The projection booth is as it was the week of the 2016 fire. The films schedule for the week is still taped to the projector. Souvenirs of the many years of its existence are littered about. I was so excited after seeing it, I couldn't sleep. This video is the result (link here also):

So we fundraise and wait for OUR SIGN.
I'd love to see you July 8th at The Big Tent
It was in a dream. I was at a party on Main Street. Huge crowds. The entrance light from the Cinema baths everyone in a golden glow. I see friends dressed in red carpet attire. Judi in gold lamé, Margaret in deep red; a joyous community lines the street. As dreams do... the plot veers off into other strange directions. In real life, I can't wait to see this dream come true.

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