Sunday, August 26, 2018

Summer Wild Life

As I listen to the crickets, cicada, frogs, the chorus of a typical Sag Harbor summer night, I wonder how noisy it must have been back in 1880 when local artist, Annie Cooper Boyd painted the watercolor  below, "Just for fun".  The frogs in this 1880 painting certainly have as much personality as any Disney animation. Love those grins! An especially docile snapping turtle gives them all a ride.🐸🐒🐸
Watercolor by Annie Cooper Boyd (1864-1944)
Signed "Just for Fun, 1880 ABC"
Annie Cooper Boyd House - Sag Harbor Historical Society
The Annie Cooper Boyd House is one of the most intimate museums you will ever visit. 
The current exhibition features vintage clothing, including lingerie displayed in the mermaid bath.
Annie painted murals on the walls throughout her home. 
Making a living as an artist wasn't any easier in Annie's time.
Entrepreneurial Annie operated a tea room in her home in addition to selling artwork.
Thank you Sag Harbor Historical Society for keeping the spirit of Annie alive!
I recently received an email from local artist, April Gornik which included a plea for drivers to slow down and watch out for turtles.
As if April knew our future, we were driving along Noyac Road when the driver coming towards us flashed his lights. There was something in the road ahead. It was big. It was brown. It was a turtle at least two feet long. It was moving very slowly. Well, turtle-like. Hugh, the boy from the Bronx, observed that it was a snapping turtle. How did he know this? We stopped the car and put our flashers on and waved for the next oncoming car to stop as well. We all sat and watched this modern dinosaur lumber across the road from Noyac Golf Course into the woods across the highway. As we waited patiently, a few cars back there was a honk, but by then the turtle had made his way and we were all on ours.

Second close encounter: free-styling my way to the end of the pool, I abruptly stood and let out a little yelp. In front of me there was a box turtle treading water. After assessing my options (scream for help, get a net) I cupped both hands underneath and gave it a hands out. The concluding turtle coincidence came in an email from the Southampton Arts Center. The email included an image of a painting by April Gornik's husband, Eric with the title Feeding the Turtle.
Feeding the Turtle (2016) by Eric Fischl  
How Perfect!