Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Thirty Squared Summer Finale 2018

A reception on Saturday evening September 20, kicked off the Thirty Squared Summer Finale art show at the Water Mill Museum. I am exhibiting my paintings, the "Toy Collection," in the company of twenty-two outstanding East End artists. 
The Thirty Squared group was founded by artist, Aubrey Grainger. She gathered together a group of artists united by a challenge. Thirty paintings in thirty days; thus the name Thirty Squared. Aubrey set up a Facebook group for accountability and challenged everyone to paint every day for the month of January. I took the challenge, but in order to do art every day, I began the morning doodle project in addition to oil painting on weekends.
The Museum Gallery is filled with light.
Star Ship
Oil on Canvas Board
8 x 8"
The Toy Collection
Book of morning sketches beneath
I began painting toy portraits during the January challenge. The toys each offered their own challenges, but were fun to paint. I had low expectations that anyone else would find them interesting, but surprised myself. Two paintings, a Rubber Duck and Peter Rabbit portrait, went to a new homes before I knew that the group was planning a show. Gwen at the Wharf Shop saw me stopping in to shop for toys more than once! 
Kids First
Oil on Canvas
16 x 20"
Painting toys individually prepared me for the work, "Kids First." I felt called to pose the toys this way and make a painting after the Parkland school shooting. Such a horrific act caused even the toys to speak up.
photo by Kathy O'Dell-Hamilton at the Water Mill Museum
The Water Mill Museum has photos of the show on Facebook and Instagram.
Thirty Squared Summer Finale 2018
41 Old Mill Road, Water Mill, NY
Hours 11 am - 5pm
Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays
The show is up until October 1st
(Peter, Why the Face?)
Oil on Canvas Board
8 x 8"

Sunday, September 9, 2018

The Beach House

I didn't know it at the time, but this beach house is one of the most photographed and filmed in the Hamptons. We 'discovered' it while off season exploring. We drove along roads near the beach turning in to check out each beach as we made our way from Southampton to Amagansett. It was in Georgica, that we came across this view of an amazing shingled home. A classic, quintessential, beach house.
View West from Georgica Beach
photo taken October 30, 2016
In August, we went to a benefit at a beautiful home on Beach Road in Wainscott. Before the party we drove to the end of the road to check out the ocean. I looked east, sighed at the view and took this photo. It didn't occur to me until later when posting to Instagram, a friend commented, "I know that house!! It's on one of my favorite makeup bags." I wasn't expecting to find the house again, but there it was. Now I was even more curious to know more about it.
In 1880, Oliver S. and Ruth E. Osborn sold approximately 50 acres of farmland in Wainscott to William H.S. Wood. Shortly thereafter, Wood sold 23 acres of this parcel to his friends Walter and Camilla Edwards.
The house is situated just steps from the Atlantic Ocean and within view of Georgica Pond, but it appears that not much thought went into designing it. According to “Memorandum on the History of the Georgica Association, 1880-1948” by George W. Pierson, “Camilla Leonard Edwards wanted her house to be 40 feet square [sic]. Aside from that, she had no particular design in mind. So the family called in a dock builder from Brooklyn, gave him a few dimensions and the injunction that the house must be extremely strong — then blithely set off for Europe.”
Photo: East Hampton Library, Long Island Collection
Though this seems careless, the Edwards family long enjoyed the property. After Walter Edwards died in 1895 at the age of 61, Camilla continued to use the house as a summer residence until her death at age 98 in 1936. Her comings and goings were noted frequently in The East Hampton Star. She was described as “always the first to arrive at the summer colony and the last to leave.” 
Ownership later fell to her son, William Henry Leonard Edwards (1870-1937), and his wife, Susan Sherman White Edwards (1870-1949), who would die at Kilkare. The house was sold out of family hands in 1975 and went back up for sale in 2017 for $55 million. - Gina Piastuck, East Hampton Library via the East Hampton Star
I painted a watercolor sketch in January of 2017 of the beach house as part of my first Thirty Squared Challenge. Meditating on the view of this house on the beach was a salve to that particular winter's cruelty. Each dip of brush, swish of paint, intake of breath brought me back to that bit of shoreline. Little did I know that the house had a name, Kilkare. A place which kills every care.

Out East: Houses and Gardens of the Hamptons 

by Jennifer Ash Rudick (Author), Tria Giovan (Photographer)

Kilkare is one of the homes featured in this beautiful book. You can see more photos from the book on the photographer, Tria Giovan's website. A few of Tria's photos are below:
Master Bedroom 
via Out East, photo by Tria Giovan
from Out East, photo by Tria Giovan
from Out East, photo by Tria Giovan
I also discovered that the house is for sale...... I can dream.