Monday, June 17, 2019

Plein Air Sag Harbor

The sweetest season begins.
The Downeaster Alexa is in port.
 Farm stands supply visions of sugar plums.
En plein air painters seem to appear on every corner.
Marc Dalessio painting in Sag Harbor! I've followed Marc's work online and at Sag Harbor's Grenning Gallery. It was exciting to see him at work. I would love to take one of his classes, there are great instructional videos on his site. I'm always curious to know artists tools as well as methods. Marc was using his own a hand crafted plein air painting kit. Artists also have secret ingredients. Standing in the street, I could smell the lavender essence that Marc combines with his painting medium. Definitely more pleasant than turpentine! The final version of this work on Marc's Instagram feed:
Since Marc was painting in the village, I supposed that his wife, artist Tina Tina Orsolic Dalessio might also be working somewhere in town. We looked, but failed to find her. Later, we discovered that she was painting the parking lot view of the Sag Harbor Cinema. Marc and Tina inspire me by honoring atypical views of Sag Harbor. Marc faces away from the oft photographed windmill towards Main Street. Tina observes the parking lot view of the Cinema instead of the iconic neon sign out front. 
Sag Harbor Cinema Under Construction by Tina Orsolic Dalessio
Another aspect of the Dalessios' painting practice that inspires me is the number of times that they've painted each other's portraits. Marc's beautiful portrait of Tina under a tree, painting a water color is currently in the window at Grenning Gallery. 
The Watercolor by Marc Dalessio
Tina Painting, Hillside by Marc Dalessio
Marc Painting by Tina Orsolic Dalessio
Kelly Carmody painting on Main Street at Sag Pizza.
I didn't interrupt Kelly, she seemed very intent on capturing her view. I was glad to find a photo of the completed painting, where else, but at Grenning Gallery. Laura Grenning is an artist herself and is incredible at encouraging artists in their craft and careers as well as fostering community. 
Sag Pizza by Kelly Carmody
There were a group of painters on Long Wharf. It was Wednesday. Funny me, I asked if they were the Wednesday Group. They were! The artist group meets on Wednesdays to encourage, inspire and support each other. A friend, Pam Thomson, paints with them. It was fun to run into her and the group and see what they were working on. They currently have a show up at the Water Mill Museum
Inspired by the abundance of local plein air activity we packed up our gear and headed over to a favorite spot. 
Hugh set up at the entrance to the beach in the shade.
Secret Beach Boats by Hugh Gallagher
My painting set up. Soltek easel, umbrella, etc.
First painting en plein air this year.
The next day we found plenty of beautiful scenes to paint, but it was fiercely windy. Hugh predicted that the canvases would perform like sails and our easels would blow over. 
Better weather for kite surfing.
It was less windy in our own backyard. I was given the opportunity to begin my own tradition of artist spouse portraiture. The book was good. He did not move... much. This was fun. 
Hugh Reading by Gail Gallagher

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